Exhibition: OUT OF THE CLOSET ARCHIVES, July 2, Chopo University Museum

July 2 – September 10, 2015, Chopo University Museum
In the frame of the 28th International Festival for Sexual Diversity (FIDS)


Opening program:
19h Demonstración Tupper Sex (Contacto Condondería)
19:30h Demostración de productos por Lovemouse – tienda para hombres trans
20h Karaoke con Walpurgis

Curatorial proposal: Nina Hoechtl/Naomi Rincón Gallardo
Research team: Fidel García Reyes, Maria de Lourdes Velasco, Amor Teresa Gutiérrez, José “Toñe” Hernández, Liz Misterio, Benjamín “Walpurgis” Martínez
Mural mapping: Alex Aceves

This mapping, outlined by the flashing of a disco ball, is inhabited by spectres who wander, disappear and reincarnate again and again – an inevitable part when you dive into an archival revision. While spinning, the flashings are able to illuminate some presences as much as they leave other materials, memories and practices in the dark. Archives that remain inaccessible like mysteries that keep awake the desire to unveil them. Out of the closet archives as places that provide access to a past as a way to point out possibilities for other presents and futures. Exorcist archives of cultural practices that are enchanted as they resist being mystified.

From Mexico City`s traces of joyful and homosexual meeting places – mostly biomale – to the need of making a separatist lesbian parade; from the LGBTTTI Pride celebration to the categorical rejection of the non-category queer; from the dramatic divisions between different groups of dissident sexuality to the mass coming out of the closet; from homosexual activisms with a socialist stance to the multiplication of consumer niches for sexual diversity, this mapping attempts to interact with inconsistencies, contradictions, unassimilable differences, resistances, absences and desires to show the complexities of the politics of sex practices between eras and generations.

In this ambiguous territory, which we call sexual diversity, how did we get to make contemporary subjectivities liveable, thinkable and desirable? Which sorrows, sweats, losses, joys, ruptures, shames, secrecies, boredoms, repetitions and conflicts have preceded what we can act now? And which are missing? How can we maintain ourselves dissident against both commercial-institutional seductions and the possessive binomial of power/knowledge? How to think and work on “an intersectionality of struggles and not [on a celebration] of identities?” (Angela Davis, 2015)

Altres Costa-Amic Editores
Archivo Histórico y Fanzinoteca del Museo Universitario del Chopo
Archivo Histórico de LeSVOZ A. C. y Comité Organizador de la Marcha Lésbica de México.
Archivo Histórico del Movimiento de Lesbianas Feministas de México,1976-2015, YMY. Yan María Yaoyólotl
Archivos y memorias diversas
Archivo Piratas de Género
Archivo sobre el movimiento BI. Jorge Yañez
Archivo Super Gay, Los 41, GHAI. José Luis Castillo Torres
Bala Studio
Colección Rafael Cruz Báez
Colección Horacio Guerrero
Colección Musas de Metal Grupo de Mujeres Gay. Paulina Martínez Peredo
Jorge Claro León
Contacto Condonería
Armando Cristeto
Diversidad sexual en la producción literaria mexicana: colección de Fidel García Reyes
Jorge Estrada
Fabiola García
Rotmi Enciso, Ina Riaskov / Producciones y Milagros Agrupación Feminista / Archivo feminista
Museo del Estanquillo
Luna Gótica