Nina Hoechtl


TSUKIYOMI: Archives from Near and Far, curated by Mika Maruyama, PARA theater, Tokyo (JP) (SKGAL)
Was passiert 2045, photowalk, Contemporary Matters Studio, Vienna (A) (SKGAL)
Artists of the Month (January and February 2023), „Sekretariat für Geister, Archivpolitiken und Lücken, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz (A) (SKGAL)
Lucha Libre: Beyond the Arenas (curated by Julio Cesar Morales and Fernanda Ramos), ASU Art Museum, Tempe AZ (USA)
DURCH DIE LAPPEN [RAISE THE RAGS], Vorwärts-Haus (UNZUFRIEDENE) and IN DER KUBATUR DES KABINETTS – Der Kunstsalon im Fluc (Wer putzt die Stadt?), Vienna (A) (SKGAL)
AGGRESSIVE PEACE (curated by Christine Eder), Kunstraum Memphis, Linz (A) (SKGAL)
Indicios de una revuelta artística feminista (curated by Fernanda Ramos), Museum of Modern Art (MAM), Mexico City (MX)
EL DERECHO AJENO. LA PENA (curated by Julio García Murillo and Nina Hoechtl), IIC- Museo UABC, Mexicali (MX)
A Hauntings from the Future (curated by Ivana Marjanovic), Kunstraum Innsbruck (A)
Notes for Tomorrow, organized and produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery at Haverford College (USA) (INVASORIX)
Badeverbot Welle 3  (curated by Alexandra Gschiel, Andrea Sadjak, Eva Ursprung), Schaumbad – Freies Atelierhaus Graz (A)
Organismos articulados I Organismen in Verbindung, Mexico Cultural Institute Berlin (D) (INVASORIX)
CALAFIA: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise (curated by Ed Gomez, Luis G. Hernandez and Daniela Lieja Quintanar), MexiCali Biennal (USA/Mexico)  (INVASORIX)
#150 100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht I 50 Jahre 68 Bewegung (curated by contemporary collective graz), kunsthalle graz (AT) (SKGAL)
What Where, steirischerherbst’18 Volksfronten, Grazer Kunstverein (AT) (Department of Ultimology, SKGAL)
EL DERECHO AJENO I DAS RECHT DES ANDEREN (curated by Julio García Murillo and Nina Hoechtl), gekreuzte geschichten 1938-2018, Mexican Cultural Institute Vienna (AT)
Current Signs (curated by Enar de Dios Rodríguez), das weisse haus, Vienna (AT) (SKGAL)
FACES: GENDER, ART, TECHNOLOGY, curated by Kathy Rae Huffman and Eva Ursprung (in collaboration with Valie Djordjevic, Diana McCarty, Ushi Reiter), Schaumbad, Graz (AT)
Sonic Futures
, curated by Patricia Cariño, ICA San José (USA) (INVASORIX)
[gritando] [pausa] [tono burlón], Héctor, Mexico City (MX)
FEM TOUR TRUCK Festival Internacional de Videoarte Feminista in Spain, Portugal, Ecuador and Colombia (INVASORIX)
All Byte: Feminist Intersections in Video Art, curated by Terri C. Smith, Franklin Street Works, Stamford (USA) (INVASORIX)
Uncanny Materials, curated by Elke Krasny and Barbara Mahlknecht, xhibit, Vienna (AT) (SGKAL)
DIE KUNST DER FRAU-Freundinnen und Komplizinnen, curated by Barbara Steiner, VBKÖ, Vienna (AT) (SKGAL)
Rebellion, curated by Minna Henriksson, various locations, in cooperation with Tampere Art Museum, Tampere (FIN)
Unexpected Encounters, curated by Kontekst collective, Camera Austria, Graz (AT)
All Work No Play, curated by Eva Martischnig and Adriana Marques, ACF London (UK)
Quebradora: Lucha Libre in Contemporary Mexican Art, curated by Amy Pederson, Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts, San Francisco (USA)
Artist as Audience, curated by Boba Mirjana Stojadinovic, Galerija Kontekst, Belgrade (SER)
Video Evening #08, curated by Kolektiva Institute, Galerija Photon, Ljubljana (SL)
Spaceship Yugoslavia, curated by Anita Šurkić, Arman Kulašić, Arnela Mujkanović, Dejan Marković, Jovana Komnenić, Katja Sudec, Naomi Hennig, NGBK, Berlin (D)
about translation, curated by Karin Pernegger and Dagmar Höss, Galerie IG BILDENDE KUNST, Vienna (AT)
INQUIRY TOWARDS THE PRACTICE OF SECULAR MAGIC, curated by LA Filmforum, pixel (+) frequency, Los Angeles (USA)
Pièces de résistance – Pieces of Resistance, curated by Andrea Domesle, Michal Kolecek, Frank Eckhardt, Motorenhalle Dresden (D)
Proposals for Venice, curated by Andreas Reiter-Raabe and Raimar Stange, Landesgalerie Linz (AT)
Schon wieder und nochmal ? – Handlungsspielräume, curated by Sabine Winkler, Medienturm Graz (AT)
eine Arbeit die das, was sie reflektiert, nicht loswird, Kunstpavillon Innsbruck und Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna (AT)
AFTER DEMOCRACY, curated by Raimar Stange, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna (AT)
where do we go from here?, curated by Elisabeth Bettina Spörr, Secession, Vienna (AT)
AMIW, Casa de Esquina, Coimbra (P)
entsprechend prekär, Galerie 5020, Salzburg (AT) (solo)
RE: EX-POST, Critical Knowledge and the Post-Yugoslavian Condition, curated by Luisa Ziaja, OPEN SPACE, Vienna (AT)
Tales of Protest. A necessity., Galerija Kontekst, Belgrade (SER) (solo)
Print Matters, CHAUVEL CINEMA, Sydney (AU)
moved, mutated and disturbed identities, Casino Luxemburg, (LU)
Too Early for Vacation, OPEN / INVITED e v +a 2008 curator: Hou Hanru, Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick (IR)
To my dear friend, Naima, who is already 10…, Animotion Festival, Sibiu (RU)
Loutec, Fundaçion Valenzuela y Klenner, Bogotá (C)
AMIW, Casa de Cultura, Trofa, Santiago de Bougado (P)
PAN-CARTA, lugar a dudas, Cali (C)
Walter Tiemann Prize, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig (D)
Ear candies, Emil Filli Galerie, Ûstí Nad Ladem (CZ)
AMIW, EIRA 33, Lisbon (P)
Ear candies, Institute of Contemporary Art, Dunaujvaros (HU)
Mit den Augen essen, Ausstellungsbrücke d. NÖ Landhausgalerie, St. Pölten (A)
All My Independet Women, SMS – Sociedade Martins Sarmento, Guimarães (P)
boiling spaces, transpublic, Linz (AT)
Somewhere Between Desire & Waiting, Tent, Rotterdam (NL)
Chancen:Gleichheit?, Freiraum/quartier 21 (MuseumsQuartier), Vienna (AT)
Closer in, CAC – Contemporary Artist Center, North Adams (USA)
trans / gender, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam (NL)
24 hours, Roem, Rotterdam (NL)
Dinner, Tent, Rotterdam (NL)
setting Kitchen – undigestable delicacies, Galerie am Park/Haus Mariahilf, Vienna (AT)
Hortus Ludi, Marres, Maastricht (NL)
Madam I’m Adam – The Organisation of private Life, Galerie der Kunstuniversitaet, Linz (AT)
ramble, RAM Galerie, Rotterdam (NL)
Married by Powers, Tent, Rotterdam (NL)
KUSCHEL MIT MIR, Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna (AT)
Step by Step, Academy for fine Arts, Venice (IT)

Art in Public Space: Temporary Projects

AQUÍ ESTAMOS Y DE AQUÍ NO NOS VAMOS (2017), LAS MÚLTIPLES LUCHAS (2018), UNA LUCHA DE FRONTERAS (2019) Womxn Wrestling Event against Trans*femicides and Self Defence Course, esplanade in front of the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC)/UNAM, Mexico City and the Art Museum of Juarez City (MX) (in collaboration with Lola González and Natalia Millán)

SUPER DISIDENCIA, UVA Tlatelolco (MX), ACF London (GB), San Francisco (USA)
Donau geht, Viertelfestival Weinviertel, Lower Austria (A)
Ways to Work, Festival of the Regions, Region Kirchdorf, (A)
Mercado Ley, Bobigny – Paris (F)
La “Patente” reinterpretada, 1º Encuentro/Laboratorio de Arte Acción, Oaxaca (MX)
living room – Rosa, Karlsplatz, Vienna (A)
Du liebe Zeit, Vienna (A)
THE GAME, Rotterdam and Vienna (A)
Re-place, Rotterdam (NL)
ENGEL FÜR DICH ANDEREN Crocheting in Wien Mitte, Vienna (A)

Radio Plays (in German)

DUNĂREA, DUNAV, DUNA, DUNAJ, DONAU GEHT at the 8th Leipziger Hörspielsommer (D) of HörNixe 2010 and the Jenaer Hörspieltagen (D)
AUFTAUCHEN at the competition of the 6th Leipziger Hörspielsommer (D)
ALLE VOR ALLEM BR (Bavarian Broadcasting) (D)
Kein leichtes Geschäft! Hörspielsommer at Leipzig Book Fair (D)

Participation in Film Festivals

(72 mins, 2017, SKGAL):

OFFICIAL SELECTION at MICGénero Mexico and Argentina (International Film Festival with Gender Perspective), London Feminist Film Festival, Twisted Oyster Film Festival 2017 Chicago, 2018 Women’s Voices Now Online Film Festival


Curatorial Activities

DARK ENERGY. Feminist Organizing, Working Collectively, co-curated with Veronique Boilard, Andrea Haas and Julia Wieger, xhibit, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (A)
ENTRE PALABRA E IMAGEN/BETWEEN WORD AND IMAGE, A Gloria Anzaldúa Thought Gallery, Casa de Cultura UAEM, Tlalpan, Mexico City (MX) (in collaboration with Julianne Gilland, Coco Gutiérrez-Magallanes, Rían Lozano, MANU(EL)(LA))
ARCHIVOS DESCLOSETADOS, exhibition project, Chopo University Museum, Mexico City (MX) (in collaboration with Naomi Rincón-Gallardo)
LA MÚLTIPLE LUCHA, exhibition and publication project, IG BILDENDE KUNST & VBKOE, Vienna (A)
THE MANY ARCHIVES!, lecture, workshop, exhibition program, VBKOE, Vienna (A) (in collaboration with Julia Wieger, SKGAL)
Wrestling over Gender Roles, talk and screening program, SOMA, Mexico City (MX)
trans / gender, symposium, Zaal de Unie, Rotterdam (NL) (in collaboration with Suzanne van Rossenberg)

Editorial Activities
Editor of the following publications:

trans / gender magazine (in English), Rotterdam (in collaboration with Suzanne van Rossenberg)
setting kitchen – indigestible delicacies (in German), Vienna (in collaboration with Christine Beschaner)

Articles and contributions to publications, catalogues and magazines:

“The VBKÖ’s Archive as a Site of Political Confrontation or How Can You Sing Out of Tune?” (en English) (with Julia Wieger, SKGAL), in Deepwell, K. y Jakubowska A. (eds.) All-Women Art Spaces in Europe in the long 1970s (forthcoming), Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2017.
“On the NUEVO TEATRO MÁXIMO DE LA RAZA: Still Thinking, Feeling and Speaking Spanish on and off Screen” (in English, in Carreras, de las M. E., Gunckel, C., Horak J.- Ch. Horak, Jarvinen L. (eds.) Recuerdos de un cine en español: Latin American Cinema in Los Angeles (1930-1960) (forthcoming). Los Angeles: UCLA Film and Television Archive and Getty Foundation’s Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA: Latin America in Los Angeles, 2017.
“Wresting with Burlesque, Burlesquing Lucha Libre” (in English), in Chow B., Laine E. & Warden C. (eds.) Performance and Pro Wrestling (por publicarse). New York, London: Routledge, 2016.
“En grupo: Hacia la activación de lo vulnerable en los procesos de investigación, creación y educación” (en español), en Longoni A. (ed.), Investigar en Arte (forthcoming), Universidad de las Artes (UARTES), Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2016.
“‘To Think with the Whole Body’ Katia Sepúlveda in Conversation with Nina Hoechtl,” in Erharter, C. Schwärzler, D., Sircar, R., Scheirl, H. (ed.) PINK LABOR ON GOLDEN STREETS. QUEER ART PRACTICES, Band 17, Berlin and Vienna: Schriftreihe der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Sternberg Press, 2015.
“El Teatro Maya como travestismo cultural: Una lectura performativa y descolonizadora de su arquitectura” (in Spanish) Extravío. Revista electrónica de literatura comparada, 7. Universitat de València. (2015) <> ISSN: 1886-4902.
“Lucha libre: un espacio liminal. Lis exótiquis “juntopuestas” a las categorías clasificadoras, unívocas y fijas” (in Spanish), in Parrini, R. (ed.), La Memoria y el deseo. Estudios gay y queer en México. México, UNAM, PUEG, 2014
“Wrestling Luchadoras and Female Masculinities: 
La Comandante and Martha Villalobos” (in English), in Frauen*solidarität, Maskulinismus, Nummer 127 (1/2014)
“CINENOVA – FEMINISTSICHER FILM- UND VIDEOVERLEIH, ARCHIV, KOLLEKTIVE ARBEIT UND HANDLUNGSRÄUME” (in German), in collaboration with Julia Wieger, 10 2013, magazine, Vienna (A)
“Los Exóticos” (in English), Leibesübungen, fiber 22/13, magazine, Vienna (A)
Mascaritas, EN LA PUNTA DE LA LENGUA, PUEG, publication, Rían Lozano (ed.), Mexico DF (MX)
emergency INDEX 2011, publication, Matvei Yankelevich, Yelena Gluzman (ed.), New York (USA)
Raumschiff Jugoslawien Die Aufhebung der Zeit, A Reader (in German and English), Anita Šurkić, Arman Kulašić, Arnela Mujkanović, Dejan Marković, Jovana Komnenić, Katja Sudec, Naomi Hennig (ed.)
NACH DEMOKRATIE, catalogue, Raimar Stange (ed.) (A)
Natural Selection Issue #7 (in English), publication, Louise Menzies a. o. (ed.) (NZ)
Shifter 15 “Will“ (in English), magazine, Sreshta Rit Premnath and Abhishek Hazra (ed.), NY (USA)
“Las Huellas de la diversidad de género“ (in Spanish), DÍA SIETE, magazine, ed. Guillermo Fadanelli (MX)
Too Early for Vacation, e v +a 2008, catalogue, ed. Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick (IR)
Festival of Regions, catalogue, ed. Festival of Regions (A)
Against-Within, project catalogue, ed. Forum Stadtpark, Graz (A)
stereo, design and art magazine, ed. Arjen de Jong u.a. (ed.), Rotterdam (NL)
with love from the kitchen, Bik van der Pol, NAi Publishers, Rotterdam (NL)
closer in, catalogue, Heather Phillips u.a. (ed.), North Adams (USA)
Madam I’m Adam – The Organisation of private Life, project publication
Anke Bangma u.a. (ed.) Linz (A) und Rotterdam (NL)

Presentations, Lectures, Lecture performances

“Gegengemeinsam in Lucha Libre (Wrestling in Mexico) (Againstogether in Lucha Libre (Wrestling in Mexico))” (in German), invited speaker, Institute for Time-based Media, Art University Linz (AT)
“NEPANTLA EN GRUPO: In-Between Languages, Practices and Conocimientos (in Spanish and English)”, invited speaker, International conference Beyond Borders:
 Literaturas y culturas transfronterizas mexicanas y chicanas, Institute for the Study of Spain, Portugal and Latin America, University of Augsburg (DE)
“Cultura visual y género” (in Spanish), lecture, Semana sobre Género, Arte y Diversidad (Week about Gender, Art and Diversity), Ibero-American University, IBERO, Mexico City (MX)
“En grupo: Hacía una práctica descolonizadora” (in Spanish), lecture, Coloquio sobre Transculturalidad, Pensamiento y Estéticas Descoloniales (Colloquium on Transculturality, Decolonial Thought and Aesthetics), Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, (Metropolitan Autonomous University, UAM) Azcapotzalco, Mexico City (MX)
„Das Archiv als ein Ort politischer Konfrontation. Oder: Wie kann hier widersprochen werden?“ (in German), lecture performance, brut theatre, Vienna (A) (in collaboration with Julia Wieger, SKGAL)
“ENTREVERAR Y TORCER EN GRUPO: prácticas investigativas, situadas y vulnerables/ TO MIX AND TWIST TOGETHER: situated and vulnerable research practices” (in Spanish), lecture, invited speaker, jornadas Investigar en Artes/Arts Research conference, Universidad de las Artes (UARTES), Guayaquil, Ecuador
“Lis exótiquis: Por el instante de un ¡¡¡beeesoooo!!!/Lis exótiquis: If only for the length of a ¡¡¡beeesoooo!!!” (in Spanish), lecture performance, invited speaker, Teatro y abandono/Theater and Withdrawal conference/laboratory, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (UAEM) and UAM, Mexico City (MX)
“Becoming Luchadores Exóticos: Ephemeral Evidence and the Joy of Intervening into the Present” (in English), lecture, round table, invited speaker,  Je me souviens – I Remember Association for Theater in Higher Education (ATHE) Performance in Theory and Practice 2015, conference, Montreal (CA)
“El teatro Maya en Los Angeles: Su arquitectura como travestismo cultural/The Mayan Theater in Los Angeles: Its Architecture as Cultural Drag” (in Spanish), lecture, Primer Congreso Internacional sobre Género y Espacio/First International Conference about Gender and Space, UNAM (MX)
“The VBKÖ Archive As A Site of Political Confrontation. Or How To Sing Out Of Tune?” (in Englisch), lecture performance, in collaboration with Julia Wieger, EAM 2014, University of Helsinki (FIN)
„Das Archiv und seine Geister insistieren“ (in German), lecture performance, Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna (A) (in collaboration with Julia Wieger, SKGAL)
CINENOVA and VBKOE in conversation (in English), in collaboration with Julia Wieger, SKGAL, VBKÖ, Vienna (A)
„Gegengemeinsam in den Bewegungen von Lucha Libre (Wrestling in Mexiko)“ (in German), lecture, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (A)
“Lucha, Lucha Como Lucha Libre“ (in Spanish), lecture, PUEG, UNAM, Mexico DF (MX)
“Cuerpos atléticos“ (in Spanish), lecture, Feminismos en Espiral, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MUAC), Mexico DF (MX)
“Los exóticos se suben al ring“ (in Spanish), lecture, Annual Gender Studies Colloquium, UNAM, Mexico DF (MX)
“Los Exóticos“ Enter The Ring (in English), lecture, V Queer Studies Symposium, Mexico DF (MX)
Artist’s Presentation (in Spanish), Ex-Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico DF (MX)
“The Crisis as a Chance?“ (in German), lecture,<rotor>, Graz (A)
“Workers Control“ (in English), presentation, Galerija KONTEKST, Belgrade (SER)
Artist’s presentation (in Spanish), Espacio de Arte in Toluca (MX)

Workshops and Seminars

“ABRACADABRA: Géneros, Acciones, Collaboraciones / ABRACADABRA: Genders, Actions, Collaborations” (in Spanish) (in collaboration with Una Pardo and Nabil Yanai, Children’s Summer Art Weeks, Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo/University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC)/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
“INTERSEKTIONALITÄT: Geschlechterspezifische Selbsterfahrung / INTERSECTIONALITY: Gender specific Self-awareness” (in German), seminar, University program Art Therapy, Sigmund Freud University, Vienna (AT)
“Cultura Visual y Género: Prácticas colectivas / Visual Culture and Gender: Collective Practices” (in Spanish) (in collaboration with Dr. Coco Gutiérrez-Magallanes, Dr. Rían Lozano), course, Campus Expandido Program at the MUAC/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
“AUS DER ROLLE FALLEN: geschlechterspezifische Selbsterfahrung / FORGET YOURSELF: Gender Self-awareness” (in German), seminar, Sigmund Freud PrivatUniversität, Vienna (A)
“In Haunted Archives: (Post-)National Socialist Times, Decolonial Futures” (in English), workshop, in collaboration with Julia Wieger, SKGAL; Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (A)
“Cultura Visual y Género: TRADUCCIONES DESCOLONIZADORAS II: NEPANTLERAS, ARCHIVAS (DIY) Y REPERTORIAS (DIWO)/Visual Culture and Gender: Decolonizing Translations II: Nepantleras, archives (DIY) and repertoire (DIWO)” (in Spanish), seminar, in collaboration with Dr. Coco Gutiérrez-Magallanes, Dr. Rían Lozano, MANU(EL)(LA), Campus Expandido Program at the MUAC/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
“Cultura Visual y Género: TRADUCCIONES DESCOLONIZADORAS I o ¿cómo crear una lengua tercera, una lengua puente?/Visual Culture and Gender: Decolonizing Translations or How to create a third tongue, a bridge tongue?” (in Spanish), seminar, in collaboration with Dr. Rían Lozano, MANU(EL)(LA), Campus Expandido Program at the MUAC/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
Cultura Visual y Género: Estrategias descolonizadoras en el uso de metodologías, investigaciones y prácticas artísticas/Visual Culture and Gender: Decolonizing Strategies applied to Methodologies, Research and Artistic Practices (in Spanish), seminar, in collaboration with Dr. Rían Lozano, Campus Expandido Program at the University Museum for Contemporary Art (MUAC)/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
“Cultura Visual y Género: CONTRAVISUALIDADES LATINOAMERICANAS Y PRODUCCIONES CULTURALES A-NORMALES / Visual Culture and Gender: Latinamerican Contravisualities and a-normal Cultural Productions” (in Spanish), seminar, in collaboration with Dr. Rían Lozano, Unidad de Posgrado (Center of Postgraduate Studies)/UNAM, Mexico City (MX)
“NI SANTAS, NI PUTOS, NI TENTENELAIRES, SÓLO … – La preocupación feminista, queer y pos/decolonial: ¿Hacía posturas y prácticas artísticas diferentes?” (in Spanish), course, in collaboration with Naomi Rincón-Gallardo, Soma, Mexico DF (MX)
Cultura Visual y Género. Estética performativa y Prácticas drag“ (in Spanish), seminar, in collaboration with Rían Lozano, PUEG/UNAM, Mexico DF (MX)
“Más que palabras: Manifiestos“ (in Spanish), course, CEACO, La Curtiduría, Universidad Autónoma Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO) (MX)
“Lo queer entre política y performance“ (in Spanish), workshop, Pinto mi Raya, Mexico DF (MX)
“Archival Materials, Practices, Politics and Poetics“ (in English), workshop, in collaboration with Hyun Jin Cho, AMIW, WAL Goldsmiths University of London (UK)
AC Salon (in Spanish), workshop, AC, Espacio AV, Manifesta 8, Murcia (ES)
AC Salon (in German), workshop, HomeBase, Berlin (D)
“grrrl zine network“ (in Spanish), workshop, in collaboration with Haydee Jiménez and Elke Zobl,
Garash Galerie, Mexico DF (MX)

Grants and Artist-in-Residences

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Institute of Aesthetic Research, UNAM (MX)
Art RSA Award, Goldsmiths University of London (UK)
2 months Artist-in-Residence Chicago (USA)
Art RSA Award, Goldsmiths University of London (UK)
One Year Grant of the Arts Council of Austria, BMUKK (A)
1 month Artist-in-Residence in Belgrade (SER), KONTEKST Gallery (SER)
7th Asia-Europe Art Camp – Art Workshop for Visual Arts, Luxemburg (LU)
1 month Artist-in-Residence in Bodrum (TR)
1 month Artist-in-Residence in Belgrade (SER), KONTEKST Gallery (SER) in collaboration with (A)
1 month Artist-in-Residence in Paliano (I)
4 months Artist-in-Residence in Mexico City (Austrian Arts Council) (MX)
2 months Artist-in-Residence in the frame of Culture 2000 Project „Against-Within“, Forum Stadtpark, Graz (A)
project grant BKA Austria (A)
Huygens Scholarship
Mama Cash’ Art, Culture and Media award (NL)
exhibition grant Wien Kultur (A)
2001 and 2004
exhibition grant CBK Rotterdam (NL)


2014 – 2016
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Institute of Aesthetic Research, UNAM (MX)
2009 – 2013
Goldsmiths University of London (UK) – PhD
Academic Residency at the University Programme of Gender Studies (PUEG), UNAM (MX)
2001 – 2003
Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (NL) in collaboration with the University Plymouth (UK) – MFA
Erasmus exchange program, Academy for fine Arts in Venice (I)
1996 – 2001
University of applied Arts in Vienna (A) –

January 2008 and 2009
Clinica – workshop in the frame of SITAC IV (International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory), Mexico City (MX)
March 2008
unitednationsplaza at Casa Refugio Citlaltépetl in Mexico City (MX)
August/Sep 2002
G.A.R.B.a workshop (Young artists in Basilicata – I)
July 1999
International Sommeracademy Topolcianky (SK)