Video presentation “MY GÜERX SKIN HURTS HORRIBLY. -Sí, cómo no.”, SGFA 2015


On November 11, 2016 INVASORIX participated with the video presentation MY GÜERX SKIN HURTS HORRIBLY. -Sí, cómo no. in SOUND GENDER FEMINISM ACTIVISM SGFA 2016 White Noise, University of the Arts London.

As cuir-feminists in a white supremacist capitalist patriarchy – as our imaginary friend bell hooks so accurately termed it – we attempt to intervene in its white noise in order to interrupt its hissing seemingly tranquilizing yet numbing sound. Moreover, in the mexicano context at least half of our group are read and addressed as güerxs: the word may refer to personas with blond hair and/or fair skin and/or to their supposedly “higher” social and cultural status, thus it might be also used to güeriar/flatter in order to get something.
While associating white noise with an opaque and subaudible power, which hierarchically organizes bodies, lands, resources and access, among others, through a reggaetón song we seek to address these complex intersections as well as the power dynamics, blind spots, and different privilegios such as racial, class and educational aspects within our group: How do they affect, transform, challenge, hinder and lessen relationships, dialogues, work and the ethical, political and creative risks we take? How could our reggaetón song be a fertile ground to provocar cuir-feminist empowerment and a significant descolonial gesture challenging its essentializing association of “latinx” y “caribeñx” as well as its intrinsic relation with dancing, physicality and sexualidad?