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Artist as Audience: Talks Among the Audience
Nina Höchtl

The book Artist as Audience: Talks Among the Audience was published in Serbian in early 2014. It presented the project Artist as Audience:: Forum: Audience on Visual Artworks that runs since 2010 in Belgrade. The book contains 31 discussions of which 15 are completed with edited transcripts of the discussions.

After the Serbian version a booklet in English is presented to the public. It contains an introduction and a discussion on the work by Nina Höchtl.

Download the booklet in English for free:

Publisher: Artist AssociationFrekvencija
Author and editor: MFA Boba Mirjana Stojadinović
Soft covers, b/w print, 48 pages
Format: 145 x 185 cm
ISBN 978-86-917153-1-1
This publication was made possible by the Austrian Cultural Forum, Belgrade.
Belgrade, Serbia